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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Web Design

My work processes are unique. Can you design a website tailor-made to suit it?
For every client, we take our time to understand your desires and preferences perfectly. And our team of experienced web developers build a website that brings your ideas to life.
What if I want to make changes to the website?
Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. As a result, we make revisions and edits to suit your requirements.
What if I don’t like the website?
Before we set out with the designs. We usually create a model (prototype) that embodies all your requirements. We present this prototype and make the necessary adjustment as you desire before designing your website. As the design goes on, we maintain constant communication with you to ensure that the website is exactly as you want. You’ll love it!
How long does it take to build a website?
Generally, we set a maximum of 30-45 days to get everything set up.

Graphic Design

We are on a tight budget. Can we still get quality?
We have different plans that cater to different budgets. We try to accommodate and make hiring our services as affordable as possible
Can you copy another design or logo?
Not at all. This is one of those lines that we cannot cross. We understand that it’s possible to take inspiration from another design but copying would be infringing on rights. Whatever idea you have, bring it to us. We will creatively create designs that will inspire.
Can you modify our old design?
We can modify your old design if its concept is in line with your brand message. However, we would have to create an entirely new one if that will be the most creative thing to do.
I need something designed urgently. Do you accommodate rush jobs?
Our processes are very flexible and we make allowance for rush jobs. We will begin and conclude your designs right on schedule.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?
SEO means Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process of boosting a website’s ranking on search engines by employing certain strategies. As a result, this usually results in increased traffic and leads.
Do I need it?
You have probably at one time or the other searched for something you needed online using a search engine you probably didn’t go beyond the first two pages of results. This is how most people who would be visiting your website go about it. Websites with the most visits are the ones that appear top on these search engines. If you want more people to discover your websites, then you need SEO to enhance your visibility. You can increase business leads this way.
Is SEO still relevant?
If the correct strategies are applied, SEO is still very relevant. It is an essential part of digital marketing.
Hiring your services, what should we expect?
Employing our SEO strategies will increase your search engine ranking, boost traffic to your website and eventually lead to increased sales.
How long before we begin to see results?
Even though after few days, you will begin to see initial results of the employed strategies, however, it usually takes more time for Results from SEO strategies are gradual. As time passes, your website ranking begins to increase for certain keywords.

Web Hosting

What is Web hosting?
Web hosting is simply the location of your website. In fancier terms, it is the technology that makes a website accessible through the internet.
What is a domain name?
The domain name refers to the address through which users can access your website. For example,
Why do I need a good hosting plan?
To give your customers and leads a quality online experience. No one will continue to revisit websites that open very slowly. Keep your customers coming back, invest in a good hosting plan today. Contact us through any of our channels.
What hosting plan is right for me?
Our hosting plan depends on your business requirements and your budget. If your services include eCommerce functionality, then you would need to purchase a more comprehensive plan. Also, your budget determines your hosting plan. However, we often advise our customers to put business requirements above budget. A fitting hosting plan will help you rest easy than to select a lesser plan because of the budget.

Print Marketing

How do I get my order even faster?
Generally, our production and delivery process is quite speedy. However, if you require that a particular deadline be met, you can communicate that with us.
How late can I request for changes or modifications?
Before setting out with mass-producing your products, we will send you a sample on which you can make as many modifications and communicate with us. However, no modifications can be carried out after production has started.
Will reducing the numbers reduce my overall costs?
Not really. Minimal orders are often not so economical. The more units you produce, the cheaper your unit cost becomes. However, if you have no need for large quantities, there is no need for printing more.
How long will it take for you to complete my order?
If you have a deadline, you can inform us so as to be able to work with that. However, generally, our deadlines depend on the requirements of each order.

Print On Demand

What is the meaning of Print on Demand?
This refers to a printing order method of speedy print production.
What advantage does print on demand have?
It is economical in that you’re printing the exact copies of the product you need. You don’t need to waste money printing in excess. You can print exactly according to your budget and save costs.
Can I get samples of my artwork?
Absolutely! After registration and placing your order, we will send you information about our process of proofing with samples before mass production.
If I place my order, do you reuse my artwork?
Absolutely not! We never copy, modify, reuse any previously used artwork. All artworks are unique to each client.
Can I order less than the minimum order?
We are very flexible. You can order anything from one piece to any number. We will still deliver the highest quality you can find.

How soon can you get started?

Right away! Reach out to us with your ideas and let us help you bring it to life.